You are sitting at your desk at the office or your kitchen table working from home.. and every movement makes your muscles and joints hurt. When did you last have a nice, relaxing massage? You can't even remember? Let us refresh your memory of the good it can do.

You enter the massage room full of happy expectations.. the scent of patchouli & ylang-ylang wafts towards you.. You settle down on the massage bed and feel the gentle but effective touch along the tense muscles of your spine and shoulders.. it 'pinches' a little more in this place than that.. the next thing you remember is the masseuse politely waking you up.. did you dose off for a while?!

[NEW] from this season.. treat yourself to a Shiatsu massage based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Targeted pressure on specific acupuncture points restores the energy flow in your body's energy pathways and awakens your spirits.

One small tip.. on beautiful summer days, why not arrange for your relaxing massage in the Pavilion directly on the lake and listen to the sound of the lake's gentle waves.