Feelness Oasis..

[P83] – You can find the pool on the first floor of our hotel where you will have an incredible view. At a length of 25 metres, it is not just ideal for leisurely swimmers but also for ambitious athletes. The lanes offer a time tracking system so that you can train to achieve your personal best.

A few years ago saw the height of the infinity pool trend.. we're now setting new standards with what we call Infinity 2.0. Swim your lanes with a view of the lake and the surrounding mountains of the Salzkammergut.. at every speed, you will feel more and more like you are swimming towards the opposite shore of Lake Wolfgang.

After your training, you can relax in the resting bunks of the Feelness Oasis. The comfortable daybeds invite you to daydream, relax and unwind. Enjoy the unique view through the vast panorama windows, which we open over a length of more than 10 metres on warmer days.

And, of course, we haven't forgotten our sauna enthusiasts – in addition to our Finnish Sauna and our Organic Sauna, you can look forward to a special highlight this year. Our boathouse offers extra [space to breathe], and we have made use of this to build a sauna directly above the waves of Lake Wolfgang. A panorama window lets you have a sweat while enjoying an incredible view. If you are feeling brave, why not cool off after your sweat by jumping straight into the lake.. definitely a great way to give your body & soul what they need.